May 30, 2023

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War Ukraine – Russia: The front lines are drowning

image caption,

Quentin Somerville, filmed by his cameraman Darren Conway, exposes himself on the front lines during a Russian attack.

  • author, Quentin Somerville
  • stock, BBC News
  • Report from Velika Novosilka, Donbass

The line of trees seems to disappear piecemeal as we move towards the Russian positions on the outskirts of the small town of Velika Novosilka.

Dima, a Ukrainian Army infantryman from the 1st Separate Tank Regiment, walks cautiously along a path lined with spring clover-clad military boots. The zero line – the last ditch – lies ahead of us. Russian troops are 700 meters away.

Further north, in Bagmut, Ukrainians are losing ground. But here, in the south of Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian tanks and infantry are holding their ground.

Despite months of ferocious attacks from the Russians, Dima says the brigade lost less than 10 meters of ground. Meanwhile, the Russian forces suffered heavy casualties.

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