March 30, 2023

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Waste management Morocco benefits from significant support from the IFC

Morocco, Oman and South Africa will benefit from the support of the International Monetary Fund (IFC) for waste management, Averda said in a statement.

Averta, a UAE-based waste management company, recently announced a $ 30 million investment fund from the International Monetary Fund (IFC) to develop in Morocco, Oman and South Africa. Following the impact of Dame Covit. It is said that the agreement should contribute to the fight against climate change by putting some greenery in it.

According to Averda, the agreement marks IFC’s first investment in private sector waste management. In Morocco, Averda-Maroc is Casablanca, Averda is waste management in addition to collection lead … until it intervenes in the economic capital of the state and the community on the brink of bankruptcy of Nabila Rmili. The mayor, who decided to drop a ministerial appointment (health in this case for a municipal mandate), prevented the company from sinking by regularizing the amount outstanding in his city. In fact, the company, which provides part of the garbage collection administration, was not paid for by the municipality until the new mayor arrived. This is because of the fear that the city will face a major crisis in the management of household waste.

But then more water flowed under the bridge. However, speaking on the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the agreement with IFC, Maverick, CEO of Averta, explained that the IFC loan would be expedited.Significantly, Averta’s “sustainable projects in Oman, Morocco and South Africa“As for the environmental impact of the project, Zucker noted the funding.”Increasing the amount of compost, recycling and energy conversion will enable Averta to reduce waste sent to the landfill.The CEO aims to bring the company closer to its core objective, namely: participation in a 100% waste-recycling circular economy.

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Averta has more than 60,000 private and public sector customers, managing the waste of nearly 12 million people in eight countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The company currently employs more than 14,000 people worldwide, helping to provide secure jobs for the communities they serve. Protecting the environment and human health is the company’s top priority and is fully compliant with international quality control standards wherever it operates, currently in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, South Africa, the Republic of the Congo and India.

The International Monetary Fund (IFC) or IFC is a leading private sector development agency in developing countries. Within the World Bank Group, IFC aims to promote economic growth and improve the living conditions of the people by promoting private sector growth in developing countries. When it comes to waste management again, Moroccan Minister for Energy Change and Sustainable Development Leila Penali announced on December 27 that the government has set aside an investment budget of 21 billion MAD (2.26 billion) for the National Household Waste Program (PNDM). By the end of 2021.

Penali later responded during a weekly session of the House of Representatives during a short game of oral questions to whom it concerns. He said the ministry has contributed MAD 3 billion ($ 324.11 million) to PNDM investment to strengthen waste management and treatment in line with international standards.