March 25, 2023

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Weapons / Morocco – FAR receives the latest version of the Patriotic Air Defense Organization

The FAR-Moroccan forum recently announced on its Facebook page that the United States plans to sell the latest version of the Patriotic Air Defense Organization to Morocco.

Radeon’s U.S. medium-range air defense system, which uses air interceptor missiles and high-performance radar systems, “improved in light of the war experience and the shortcomings mentioned in previous versions,” the source added.

According to FAR-Maroc, the Patriot system in its new version (PAC-3MSE) “tested in the field” with a good success rate “, unlike other competing systems, developed their success in theoretical calculations without verification. Real conditions”.

“In order to be effective in dealing with the dangers coming from the sky, we need to create a multi-layered, multi-layered air defense system to deal with various threats and hostilities,” the forum writes.

Military cooperation between the United States and Morocco is strong, as evidenced by a number of joint operations by the two countries’ forces, despite attempts by some members of the US Congress to reduce military aid to Morocco.

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