May 29, 2023

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What did Jonathan Goodluck tell the Interim Officers?

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Mali, the forerunner of the Extraordinary Summit of the West African Community (ECOWAS), visited Bamako, the former Nigerian president and mediator in the Mali crisis, on Wednesday, January 9 in Agra. Colonel Azimi, the leader of the change, met with Koita.

In a statement to reporters, Goodluck did not elaborate on the content of Jonathan’s interview after a meeting with the head of the military junta.

However, he said the purpose of the meeting was to understand what had happened in Mali, especially in relation to extending the change to a maximum of 5 years.

“It was a question for us to understand what happened and ask for their version. It will allow us to have a discussion at the ECOWAS state level meeting next Sunday.”

The ECOWAS ambassador, who left Mali on Wednesday evening, also met with accredited diplomats in Bamako.

According to leaks to local newspapers, Goodluck Jonathan had told authorities about the change in Mali that the five-year interim period would not apply to ECOWAS.

As a reminder, the interim period set by ECOWAS after the August 20, 2020 coup that ended the rule of former President Ibrahim Boubacer in Quetta was 18 months from September 2020. Also, it is February 27th. , Set to hold legislative and presidential elections in Mali in 2022.

The military junta has said since last September that it was impossible to hold timely elections, especially due to security and health challenges.

Therefore, the “National Refundation Assis” took place in Mali from December 11 to 30, so the plan is to extend the transition from 6 months to 5 years.

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In the absence of an agreement with ECOWAS, Mali runs the risk of facing new sanctions.

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