March 30, 2023

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When Algeria’s non-positive alignment is disturbed

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Mehdi Mesoudi

The announcement of the Algerian-Russian military exercise “Desert Shield 2022” scheduled for next November in Bechar Wilaya, southwest of Algeria, did not leave the Moroccan and Spanish media indifferent. -House experts were quick to involve Algeria in the bloc’s conflicts.

However, this exercise has been planned for a long time and has nothing to do with the maneuvers of the so-called “Lion of Africa” ​​in Morocco last June. The military exercise “Desert Shield 2022” is in response to the one held last October in Russia, more precisely in Tsarskoye in North Ossetia, within the framework of military cooperation between Algeria and Russia.

Freedom of decision-making is the DNA of Algerian action

Contrary to what Moroccan, Spanish and Western media believe, Algeria is part of the list of countries that are concerned about the independence of their decisions and are not ready to be part of one block or another. Its determination to join the BRICS organization is linked to its beliefs about a non-aligned country concerned with developing capacities for socio-economic development for the benefit of its people and its geopolitical environment, necessary and necessary to safeguard its sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unity of its people.

Its posture and its position (the doctrine of our diplomacy) forbids the advent of “assistance” in a situation equidistant from the blocs, which may in the short term become an ideological-cultural straitjacket from which it is difficult to escape. Shock or crisis is the new system. The unwavering consistency of this egalitarian posture has been the DNA of our diplomacy for decades, commanding the respect of allies and partners.

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Maxon’s insane analyses

As we have already underlined, the conduct of Algerian-Russian military exercises in the Algerian desert provoked comments and analyzes from the pro-Makhsen media, which tried to justify the military and security presence of the Zionist organization in the neighboring country. West. Experts are trying to convince Moroccan and Western public opinion that Algeria has become a stronghold of the Russian military in this important region of the world. It is in this context, said Rachid Lasraque, a professor of constitutional science at Tofail University in Morocco, “in the context of the changes the world is experiencing, Algeria is trying to find a place for itself in the major alliances that are forming.

Lasrague believes that Algeria, by conducting maneuvers, is sending a message to Washington and other Western powers that it is ready to start negotiations and find balance by presenting itself as a key figure in the northern region.-African.

“Algeria’s adherence to the desert shield with Russia is part of the regular context for the maneuvers of the People’s National Army,” Algerian analyst Hakim Bouqrara denied in an interview with Al-Hurrah.

Hakim Bouqrara denied that these maneuvers were against Morocco. In his interview with Al-Hurrah, he emphasized that Algeria is “an ally of Russia and a major customer of Russian weapons.” For his part, in a statement to Algerian security expert Ahmed Misab al-Hurra, these maneuvers are “part of the security coordination and cooperation program between Algeria and Russia in light of bilateral strategies and emerging challenges. »

According to Ahmed Misab, “these maneuvers are not in response to other maneuvers or military plans”.

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The defense expert continued in his interview with Al-Hurrah site: “Since the dates were pre-determined, the military cooperation program is not subject to such criteria, but has dimensions at the strategic level within its framework. Capacity building and the tactical dimension, which is a response to various challenges. Misab believes, “These maneuvers have their objective have contexts which are not bound to narrow accounts but are based on objective rules.

Abraham and the Covenant of Abraham

It is clear that Africom is in perfect symbiosis with strengthening military and security cooperation between the Zionist Organization and Morocco. An alliance aimed at justifying the Zionist presence in the Maghreb region, the gateway to Africa, and countering the so-called “malign influence” of China, Russia and Iran in Africa via Algeria. Furthermore, AFRICOM supports the strengthening of Rabat’s military-industrial capacity and the modernization of the Ren army, thereby proposing a road map for a scenario that goes beyond “strategic leadership in the region”.

This year, the first exercises in Africa were reinforced by troops from the Zionist Army. A further strengthening of the Israeli-Moroccan partnership, possible under the 2020 Abraham Accords, would allow the US to double its strategic presence in Africa. »

During the “Lion of Africa” ​​maneuvers, an African official noted that “the US administration should provide more opportunities for Moroccan and Israeli “partner” forces to train side-by-side. In African Lion, Israel is expected to improve interoperability between Israel, Morocco and other regional partners. Integrating with other multilateral agreements, regional exercises, this is an essential first step towards building a functional and semi-autonomous safety net…”

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