March 25, 2023

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When the Americans retreat from Syria: Israel fires missiles at Holmes

At least two Syrian soldiers have been injured in an Israeli airstrike on the Holmes governorate. The Sanaa news agency reported that most of the missiles had been intercepted.
Syrian forces repulsed an Israeli missile attack on the Holmes governorate on Monday (November 8), Syrian news agency reported. “Our air defense responded to the Israeli occupation by targeting bases in central and coastal Syria. Israel launched its air strike from North Beirut at 7:16 p.m. […]. Troops intercepted and fired most of the missiles, ”the media reported.
According to military sources cited by Sanaa, two soldiers were injured during the strike, which also caused material damage.
Lebanese media reported that the blast echoed in the villages of the Lebanese governorate Akbar near the border with Syria.
On November 3, Israel fired missiles at a suburb of Damascus, causing property damage, Syrian state television reported. On October 30, Syrian security forces said they had intercepted Israeli missiles fired into the capital from the Golan Heights. At least two players were injured.
On October 13, a Syrian government soldier was killed and three others were wounded in an Israeli airstrike in the Palmyra region of the Holmes governorate, Sana recalled.
In early October, six people were injured in an Israeli missile attack in central Holmes.

Tactical US retreat?
Amid tensions with Israel, Syrian sources confirmed that a U.S. military convoy of 270 vehicles had left a base in the Hasakah countryside and headed north for Iraq via al-Walid. This is the first time US military vehicles have been deported from Syria to Iraq. Usually, US military contingents move in the opposite direction from Iraq to Syria.
A convoy of 150 refrigerated trucks and 120 covered flat trucks loaded tanks from the U.S. occupation and came out overnight from a U.S. military base built at the Karb al-Jir airport from Saturday to Sunday, local sources told the Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen. They were taken away by US armored security vehicles and 4 * 4s equipped with machine guns belonging to Kurdish militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
This is the second convoy to be evacuated from the site to northern Iraq in less than a month. On the 25th of last month, just hours after a convoy of plundered tankers loaded with petroleum, 79 vehicles, mostly military armored vehicles, went down the same route.
The question then arises as to whether such US deviation is motivated by tactical and / or strategic considerations. After all, the area of ​​northeastern Syria where US forces supported the SDF is now at the forefront with the arrival of massive Turkish reinforcements, but also the Syrians. A direct confrontation between the two forces cannot be ruled out … unless Russia acts to control the crisis on the horizon.

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