March 22, 2023

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When the skulls of the “Great Conquerors” are excavated

In the end, only six of the twenty-four skulls returned to Algeria by France were clearly identified as those of resistance fighters during the French colonial period.Algerian War (1954-1962).

In any case, it was pointed out by an investigation by the “New York Times (17/10/2022)” that 6 of the 24 skulls returned to Algeria by Paris in July 2020 were clearly identified as the skulls of decapitated resistance fighters. During French colonialism in the 19th century.

Received “shamelessly” with military honors in Algiers, these human remains were buried on Sunday July 5, 2020, in the Martyrs’ Square of the El Alia cemetery, along with fighters who fell during the struggle for independence.

So far, of the 24 honorary skulls, three are former auxiliaries of the French army – two fighters and one Jouve – whom Algeria officially considers “traitors” and “collaborators”.

However, on July 3, 2020, 24 skulls were officially returned to Algeria by Paris and stored at the Musée de l’Hommes in Paris, and we thought the matter was settled since the French conquest in the 19th century. In fact, the Franco-Algerian team set up for the occasion identified 24 skulls out of a total of 45 skulls from the settlement in June 2020.

But the search was halted by the office of Emmanuel Macron, who wanted the skulls back before Algeria’s July 5 independence day. In their “good intentions” and as part of a political gesture of reconciliation of memories, Macron’s France and Algeria have hidden the 24 skulls returned to Algeria in June 2020 from the colonial conquest that were either subsumed or anonymous. Unfortunately, we will ignore it, because despite this, it is the fulfillment of a promise made by French President Emmanuel Macron in December 2017 in response to repeated demands by the aging regime of Algiers Kabos.

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The promise led to a lengthy investigation by a joint team of Algerian and French experts starting in 2018, after which the skulls were handed over to the authorities of the Muppet Show regime created in Algeria.

In this context, one wonders what the list of human remains yet to be recovered will be in the future. As a result, a bombshell from France, “Le Canard enchaîné,” without mentioning him, had a field day: “ On the issue of monuments, Algerian authorities have stumbled curiously over the armor in 2020, when France recovered the skulls of 24 anti-colonial resistance fighters. ».

And Wham! “Pan sur le bec!” The topic of volatile before it stops repeating itself, it acknowledges and corrects the errors of others.

In 1919, Palmypete drew its archives a century earlier, stating that in an “unknown article of the Treaty of Versailles (246), the Germans would return to “His Britannic Majesty’s government.” The skull of Sultan Makwawa.

It was finally restored to the Hehi people in 1961, after the management of the Bremen Museum found a good skull and returned it not to London, but to the sultan’s descendants. One suspects that the waterfowl was buzzing at the time because of the extreme importance given to this monument by the colonialists.

Between the unleashed Bamipede and the words of the New York Times and the skulls of the martyrs returned by Paris in July 2020 – clearly identified as Algerian resistance fighters killed by French colonial troops in the 19th century – these revelations can be upsetting. The New Franco-Algerian Idyll.

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Because, as the American Journal confirms, it is clear that only 6 of the 24 skulls were returned. “Others uncertain or uncertain” It can be taken for granted. Media reported that the mortuaries remained the property of France after the handover.

The latter is based on documents obtained from the Natural History Museum and the French Government. Neither country has publicly acknowledged these facts. “They are trying to get diplomatic benefits out of restructuring.”

If there is a truth, the regime of the Cabos of Algiers knowingly buried at least three “traitors” in the Martyrs’ Square in Algiers with an unpronounceable name and his mentor Senegriha. In fact the documents supplied with the human remains indicate that one such skull belonged to a collaborator, and another that of Juve, but we ignored that.

This ceremony was the high point of “national unity”, a great victory over the sacred and ex-citizen. Should we laugh or cry “that is the question”.

The 24th “Symbols of People’s Resistance”In this case the meaning of hair was described by the official APS press agency, which cited the names “Six Leaders of People’s Resistance”It was put on display at the Palace of Culture to allow people to pay their last respects.