March 25, 2023

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Widespread support for Morocco’s regional integration

24 (C24) Before members of the committee I In New York, several countries reaffirmed their support for Morocco’s regional integration autonomy program.

The Qatari government has backed the initiative. ” Creative The autonomy proposed by Morocco is the basis for any realistic solution to the regional conflict over the Sahara.

Speaking at the C24 Annual Meeting, Qatar’s Representative expressed his support for the UN Secretary – General’s efforts to reach a lasting and mutually acceptable political solution under the auspices of the United Nations and within the framework of a respectful process. National Sovereignty of Morocco.

The Qatari embassy official also highlighted Morocco’s efforts to promote economic and social development in the Sahara.


Kuwait, for its part, reaffirmed its support for a political solution within the framework of Moroccan Sahara sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Kuwait reaffirms its support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative, as it is a constructive basis for finding a mutually acceptable solution between all parties that respects Morocco’s unity and sovereignty. Kuwait’s envoy to the 24th Annual Meeting of the UN (C24) underscored the reaffirmation of the integrated position of the Gulf states on the question of the Moroccan Sahara.

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He renewed his country’s support for the UN Secretary-General’s efforts, which made it possible to hold two roundtables in Geneva with the participation of Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Policario, and in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates reaffirmed its firm stance in support of Morocco’s regional unity and national sovereignty.

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My country supports the autonomy initiative put forward by Morocco and the Security Council has described it as serious and credible. The regional controversy over the Sahara underscores the representative of the United Arab Emirates.

He noted that the initiative represents an “important solution” that complies with the Charter and UN resolutions and safeguards the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco.


Speaking at the meeting, the Jordanian representative highlighted Morocco’s commitment to efforts to achieve a lasting and conciliatory political solution to the Moroccan Sahara problem by presenting a plan for autonomy in 2007.

It is a “serious and realistic plan” that takes into account the uniqueness of the region and full sovereignty over all territories of Morocco, noting that the self-reliance plan is in line with the United Nations Charter. .

Based on the relevant Security Council resolutions, the UN is committed to advancing the political process towards a realistic and lasting solution to this problem. The Jordanian diplomat further praised the Secretary-General’s efforts.

At the same time, the speaker outlined Morocco’s efforts to improve living conditions in the southern provinces and to fight the Covit-19 epidemic.

He welcomed the “fraternal, historical and strategic” ties that connect Morocco and Jordan, adding that the two countries are connected by continuous cooperation and coordination at different levels.

In this sense, he recalled that his country opened its consulate in Laâyoune last March.