March 29, 2023

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Will Belgium reduce fines for wearing a burqa?

In Belgium, those who wear a burqa in public face a fine of 15 to 25 euros and a prison sentence of one to seven days. Some members of the government are working to review the strict sanctions. “During inter-cabinet discussions, some of the ministers’ advisors have floated the idea that wearing the burqa should not be punished as harshly as it is now,” reports said. last hour.

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These debates take place in the context marked by the amendment of the Criminal Code. One aspect of the reform, launched by Justice Minister Vincent van Kuykenborn (Open VLT), aims to classify legal offenses according to eight categories of punishment, “8 for serious crimes such as murder, and 1 for less serious crimes, mainly minor traffic offences.” ”.

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Left-wing councilors failed to comply with the law – passed almost unanimously in the House in 2011 – aimed at banning the wearing of any clothing that completely or mainly covers the face in public category 1. But this proposal was not received. Endorsed by the united front of Vooruit, CD&V, Open VLD and MR. For its part, the PS calls for the maintenance of the ban on wearing masks in places accessible to the public.

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For now, the debate is still unresolved. “We are working within the framework of a ban on wearing the burqa in public places. We expect the Justice Minister to give us a better legal solution once the inter-cabinet work is over. The government will determine the exact nature of the permit,” the Ecolo party says.

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