May 30, 2023

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Xavier Triancourt: “Algeria is collapsing before our eyes, it is dragging France down”

Titled “Algeria Collapses, Will It Drag France Down? », This site Detecting the oppression of a neighboring country, it was expanded and implemented by an army that “never ceases to glorify the war against oppression. France, the ‘Eternal Enemy’, The trust reposed in Hirag for the democratization of the country was well received,” writes the author.

Xavier Triancourt is a diplomat. Former Director-General of the Administration of the Quai d’Orsay, Head of the General Inspectorate of the Department of Foreign Affairs, he was French Ambassador to Algiers twice between 2008 and 2012, and then between 2017 and 2020 he published a book describing his experience: The Algerian Riddle. Chronicle of the Consulate at Algiers (Editions de l’Observatoire, 2022)

“Algerian reality is not what we are told”

It has been three years since Abdelmadjid Debon was elected as the President of Algeria. “Three years and, in Algiers, the question of a second term is being asked. What is the evaluation of this presidency and what lessons can France draw from it? My friendship for Algeria, like my respect for the Algerian people, reminds me of some facts about political reality, French illusions and their consequences. is compelling,” asserts Xavier Triancourt.

“If I were to sum up the situation succinctly and brutally, I would say that”New Algeria“, according to the formula in force in Algiers, France is collapsing before our eyes, there is no doubt that the Algerian drama was much stronger and more sophisticated than the one that led to the fall of the Fourth Republic in 1958. »

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The Algerian reality is not really what we are describing: Bouteflika’s corrupt regime fell in 2019, and after the uprisings, in any revolution, Algeria will yield, we are told, progress, stability and democracy through the “blessed hirak”.

“At the dawn of the Algerian presidential election,
2024 will inevitably see a new crisis”

The author describes the Algerian press as “opposed during the civil war, martyred by Islamists, contradictory, critical and cynical under Bouteflika, often bold in its judgment. Associations like Caritas, founded by the Catholic Church before 1962, were dissolved, and others were accused of receiving funding from abroad. Abroad, he says, France. refers to

“We are I think we know because we colonized AlgeriaBut Algeria knows us, and has more,” underlines the foreboding author ” 2023 After last year’s official trips, the Algerian president’s state visit will, as a bonus, be a happy hour; But be under no illusions: ahead of the Algerian presidential election, 2024 A new crisis is inevitable, as anti-French rhetoric is the leaven of a successful election campaign. »