March 22, 2023

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Yemen oil exports: Sanaa tries to stop “looting”.

“Yemen Air Force Targets Oil Cargo Ship in Al-Daba Port”, signifying” He left without loading the oil”, Reporter of the Lebanese satellite channel said Al-Mayadeen. He added that “The Yemeni Air Force targeted an oil cargo ship in Al-Daba port to thwart an attempt to loot Yemeni oil through al-Daba port controlled by Saudi-appointed Presidential Council forces”.

As the reporter pointed out “A violent explosion occurred at Al-Daba port after a ship arrived to load oil”, Emphasize that “Following the drone strike at Al-Daba port, the ship left the port without loading oil. »

The same source said “ Following the outbreak of violence at the port, the Al-Daba Port Authority announced the closure of the sea route from Al-Daba in Al-Shihr district due to security concerns. This attack came to mind “This is the second operation by Sana’a government forces in the same port in less than a month since last October 21 to prevent Yemeni oil looting.”

It should be noted that the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out an alert operation on October 21 near the port of Al-Daba in Hadramout Governorate as part of the implementation of measures to combat the ongoing looting of Yemeni oil. The Cabinet of Ministers of Sana’s government welcomed and emphasized the move “Oil wealth is the sovereign wealth of all Yemenis and should be used to alleviate their suffering, pay their workers and guarantee basic services.”

Remember that the Americans recently indicated that they would set up a “shield” Capable of guaranteeing the security of allies in the region. Also, in this context, the US military indicated that it intends to mobilize maritime drones to ensure the safety of navigation in the vast region stretching from the Strait of Hormuz to Bab al-Mandeb.

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Recently, an Israeli tanker was targeted by a drone in the Gulf waters, putting Iran directly on the back burner.