May 30, 2023

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Zaventem attack by Mohammed Abrini

“The Man in the Hat” Mohamed Abrini gave his testimony just weeks before the trial for the planned Brussels attacks began in October. In his interrogation, he said that he learned on March 21 that a group was going to “beat up” Javentem and that he had shaved his head to avoid identification on March 21. last hour. That day, his day begins at 6:45 a.m. and he and the other defendants prepare. Once the luggage is loaded into the taxi, “they enter the airport together”. On site, they drink wine at Délifrance, says Mohamed Abrini. They saw the police near the Starbucks.

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“I drank a coffee and Ibrahim a bottle of water, Najim didn’t take anything. We were sitting. Nazim then proceeded to link the bombs. The carts were near us. He went around the table to arm them,” he explains. He says he panicked immediately after the bombs were set off: “As soon as the bombs were set off, I started panicking. It’s normal, it’s completely impermanent. It is dangerous. Najim comes back to sit at the table. […] At the table, I remember asking Najim about the numbers he remembered. He said the 17th would be the US, the 15th Russia and the 5th or 7th Israel.

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The cell had passengers traveling to these destinations in its sights. “I had to go to America’s line first. I told Nazim that I couldn’t follow them. Ibrahim pretended to go there himself. In total, 11 people died immediately. The cell was preparing to activate the second bomb. “I was very scared, more than all the people, the second bomb. I knew there were nails in the bombs because I knew they would explode, and I panicked because I was afraid the nails would get into my bag. And blow it”.

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Mohammed promises that he does not intend to defuse his bomb. “I wanted to run before the explosions, but I couldn’t. These are people who have no way to talk, let alone be quiet. Does he regret it?” You have to understand”, says the man sentenced to life in prison for the Paris attacks.