X (Twitter) limits the number of DMs an unverified user can send


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Changes have become commonplace on Twitter lately. Arguably the biggest change since Elon Musk acquired the company is the latest rebranding, where X replaced the blue bird. Even though the iconic bird will soon no longer be flying around the web, sharing tweets, it’s still here and bringing some updates.

Twitter (or X, as we should call it now) limits the number of DMs that unverified accounts can send . According to the company, this change is aimed at reducing spam in direct messages .

So, if you don’t have a paid account, you will have a daily limit for sending DMs. If you don’t want this limitation, you can subscribe to Twitter Blue .

Recent changes to Twitter aim to attract more paid subscribers by setting limits on the activities of unverified users or introducing new features only for Twitter Blue users. For example, the number of tweets unverified users can read per day is now limited, while Twitter Blue users have access to long tweets (up to 25,000 characters) and tweet editing options. .

Attracting even more subscribers

These changes, which are aimed at attracting more paying users, seem reasonable insofar as Twitter is still not generating a profit. Elon Musk himself said the company was facing negative cash flow due to a significant drop in advertising revenue and heavy debt.

Rebranding the platform is another move Musk has taken to turn the company into a profitable one. We can expect X to introduce other changes to encourage unpaid subscriptions to convert to paid subscriptions. With the disappearance of the bird, the rebranded platform can start from scratch with a new vision, a new objective and new functionalities. Unlike unverified accounts, there seem to be no limits to the imagination of Musk and his team.

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