Canadian Companies Promote Active Living by Installing Showers at Their Offices


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Active Living

Canada is one of the countries in the world that is mostly into saving the environment. Canadian people and the Canadian Government are also one of the most progressive ones in the world. Accepting and implementing new technologies and ways of living in their lives are a common thing among them.

The Canadian government together with the Canadian businessmen and companies, in general, are encouraging the citizens to join in the fight against world pollution. They are taking various measures to make this happen. One of the things to create a better society is promoting cycling and walking. These transportation options are the most healthy ways possible. They create no pollution and keep people in shape, thus making the population healthier. A very simple and small change that creates a huge impact on nature.

Another thing Canadian companies promote is installing showers at their offices. One of the most common excuses of people why they don’t want to go to work by bike or walk is that they get sweaty and need to spend the day at work messy. Not showering after work-out is also a known reason for getting sick. That’s why the companies are installing showers to solve this problem.

Along with the initiative for persevering the environment, companies are installing specially designed shower heads that waste no water. An average American showering wastes more than 17 gallons of water. Everyday showering means wasting lots and lots of precious water. Also creating a lot of contamination too. The companies install rain shower heads that are smart and waste no additional water than the one needed for a regular shower.

Why is Showering at Work Important?

Showering at work has many benefits. One of them is saving money off your pocket. Promoting traveling from work to the office by foot or by bicycle saves you money for gas or public transport. It also makes you healthier which means you’ll eventually save for visiting the doctor and paying for expensive operations later in life. Another saving moment is the shower itself. Spending water at home will increase your water bill. Showering at work will save you money for this too. Looking at the problem like this, it seems like it’s crazy not to go to work on foot.

The bigger picture is preserving nature. All this affects the environment that we all live in. Taking care of our self and our money – we actually take care of the environment. It’s a win-win situation. The companies are recognizing this as an important issue and have found a solution to the problem.

What Else Can Help in Preserving The Environment

Canadian companies have opened a war on polluting the environment. They are trying to do everything in their power to make the world a better place. It is our duty to help them achieve this goal. Some of the things that we as individuals can do for preserving the environment is this:

The three R’s

The three R's

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – the three famous R’s in preserving nature are the most important. By reducing the amount of material we use and throw away we directly affect the environment. For example, never use paper cups for coffee. Use mugs instead.

Reuse everything you can in order to create as little waste as possible. Don’t throw old clothes. Give them as a present for those that have none, like the homeless. If something is damaged, use it as a towel. Also, don’t use one-time usable soaps. Have a container with liquid soap that will be refilled.

In the end – recycle. Make a good selection of the waste and make sure they get in the right waste container. Recycling means less waste, and less waste means clean nature.

Changing the lights in your home

You will be amazed how much electricity can be saved by just changing the light bulbs in your home. The old standard light bulbs waste a lot of energy. By changing them with the new electricity-efficient LED bulbs you save up to 8 times more energy. This will also save a lot of money on your electricity bill. As you can see, contributing to a better environment again saves you money.

Another thing you can do regarding electricity is to turn off all devices that you don’t use. Just look in the kitchen and see how many appliances are connected in the power socket and not being used at the moment. You think that they don’t spend electricity, but the truth is they do even you’re not using them at the moment. Being connected every day throughout the year, the waste a lot of electricity. Turn them off and preserve nature.

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