Ontario Hiker Saved by His GPS Watch


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Charles Adams, aged 35, was found safe and sound thanks to his GPS Watch after being lost for two days. The hiker got lost on a mountain 55 miles off Ontario. The bad weather that suddenly threatened his life made it difficult for his friends to find him. Then they called the police that had no problem finding him thanks to the exact coordinates his GPS watch gave the rescuers. A helicopter with a three men crew got over the location and Charles was saved in a matter of minutes. He was only a little thirsty, but without any injuries.

GPS Watch

Hikers, sportsmen, adventurers benefit widely from GPS watches. Not only it’s impossible to get lost using a GPS watch, but it’s a real pleasure doing any of those activities. What’s so fun about GPS tracking you’d ask? Well, it’s not just the GPS option these watches have. Along with this function, they have lots of other features. For example, maps, calorie burning meter, distance measurer, stopwatch, internet, Bluetooth, etc.

GPS watches are very widely used by outdoor adventurers and people that often travel into the wilderness. They benefit a lot from the features of these watches mostly because they simply can’t get lost. However, GPS watches are not mandatory equipment just for travelers into the wild. They are a great gadget for people that love sports. For example, some of the sportsmen that simply adore GPS watches are people playing golf. Many companies actually make special GPS watches dedicated for golfers and their needs. They offer a variety of models that support many features needed for a great golf game.

You might ask – why would I need a GPS watch for playing golf? Well, once you start using it, you’ll ask yourself – how did I ever play this game without it? Golf GPS watches give you everything you might need for a perfect game. They have maps from the complete field, they provide you with information about every hole, and some of them even give you weather information in real time that might help you for a better score. Imagine how important a slight wind can be when you swing to reach a distance that’s far as a golf hole and you’re just starting your game.


When we say maps, we actually mean all the terrain and irregularities on it. You know how important it is to know that there is a slight slope on the east side of the hole, but the west part of the green is flat, right? Of course, we’re making this up, not all holes follow this pattern. A GPS watch is having a satellite picture of the terrain and knows every inch of the place.

Also, these little gadgets are connected to your mobile phone. You can make calls from your watch without even taking out the phone of your pocket or the bag you carry. They are completely synced with your phone so you can’t forget what time it is and miss an appointment or a meeting because the watch will give you the information on time. Of course, if you previously set the alarm. If not, it would be better to look at your wristwatch and don’t forget about your daily plans.

One of the features that people most adore on these watches is the calorie meter. We live in a world where food is really tasty and we all enjoy some extra cheese on the plate. That’s why we must track how much we eat and how much we burn at the same time. With a GPS watch that’s synced with your phone, you’ll track how much you walk, run, and even how strong your swing was. The watch will measure how many calories you burned and how many more you need to in order to stay in shape.

People that started using GPS watches say that burning calories is much easier with a GPS watch. Other gadgets never have an accurate look at your exercise. The watch is directly connected with your body through the skin. A good GPS watch will have an option to follow your heartbeat and will know exactly how your hart is working at all times. This way you’ll also prevent heart problems that can be very serious and life-threatening.

A GPS watch is a must for everyone involved in an outdoor activity. If we talk about golf as we used to previously, look for the specially made golf GPS watches. They will give you a completely different experience golfing and you’ll never want to leave your GPS wristwatch home ever again.

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